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In the year 1932, eight courageous, God fearing souls held a prayer meeting and through the Holy Spirit, they organized a church. These obedient Christian souls were Frank Bedford, Mr. & Mrs. Willie Pierce, Henrietta Harris, Irene Lamb, Nettie Love and Lucinda Sanders. The church was organized on Hudson Street in Dallas, TX and the first Pastor was the late Rev. W. D. Dawson.

Since the birth of the Goodwill Baptist Church there have been several worship facilities and Shepherds that have labored, and led the church to Ministerial heights. In 1953, Pastor J. C. Huey became one of those Shepherds who continued to serve for more than 36 glorious years and influenced not only the Goodwill Family, but many throughout the City of Dallas and the state of Texas. He was a humble, dedicated and hardworking minister for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He was a spirit filled leader who put his faith and trust in God and was obedient to His leading. During Pastor J.C. Huey tenure, after serving more than 30 years in the South Dallas Community, Goodwill needed to expand. A new worship facility at our current location, 516 North Jim Miller Road in the Pleasant Grove Community is now the home the Goodwill Baptist church.

Pastor J. C. Huey was called home on November 25th, 1989, and after which there were three more Pastors called to lead the flock of Goodwill. On March 19, 2000, Pastor D. M. Cotton along with his beautiful wife, First Lady Brenda Cotton grabbed the torch and is leading the light that now shines on the Goodwill Baptist Church.

Goodwill is thankful to God for the vision of Outreach and Evangelism sought through Pastor Cotton to grow the members into true Disciples of Christ. Pastor Cotton has revealed a kind of fortitude and grace that will long remain a source of inspiration for the Goodwill Church Family.

Building the Kingdom of God one person at a time!

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Pastor D. M. Cotton

First Lady, Brenda Cotton

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